In this plan you get an overview of possible procedures in case of an oil spill. In the plan is also mentioned who you should contact list of authorities, oil cleanup teams and port state control and how to report this event to the nearest coast guard station.

The plan should be written in accordance to the International Maritime Organization regulations. Under these regulations, vessels present a plan for Canal waters and pay tariffs for the availability of personnel and equipment for oil spill response.


OPA90 oil spill kit 7 barrel liter. OPA90 oil spill kit 12 barrel liter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shipboard oil pollution plan contains: an action plan with instructions for the oil pollution prevention team. Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Categories : Shipping and the environment. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Please give us the IMO regulation explain the quantity and kinds of material for our reference. Please give us the IMO regulation explain the quantity and kinds of material in 7 barrel kit for our reference we noted that 22 barrel kit follow OPA ' Thank you very much. Depends on what you need to update.

Normally this training manual should hold information about your equipments on board plus procedures, trainings, location and so and so on. Regards, Ronald Safety Superintendent. Could you plz list down all sopep equipmemts and materials?

Be specific if you can!!!? America and the Panama canal do have minimum requirements, so be aware of that when you will sail to these areas. Companies that sell SOPEP boxes want you to think these requirements are mandatory, but they are not! How about chemical for cleaning oil requirement for sopep with chemical and oil tanker. Please Discuss below Labels: Oral Safety.

Anonymous 21 December at Anonymous 4 May at Unknown 17 January at Unknown 26 July at Unknown 5 January at Unknown 6 January at Ronald Ringma 21 March at Anonymous 28 January at Unknown 5 May at Unknown 26 June at Unknown 23 January at Unknown 16 December at Bijoy Chandrasekhar 30 March at Chapter 1 Authorities and Responsibilities This Chapter provides an overview of the statutes legislation from which the authority and responsibility for Coast Guard action is based.

USCG Safety Manual

All authority comes from statutes passed by Congress. The statutes noted in this Chapter are divided into three sections: 1. Statutory provisions passed by Congress come from various sources.

These include ratification of multinational treaties or conventions which articulate broad international standards, smaller bilateral or multilateral agreements which usually address more specific topics and the largest section, domestic issues considered important to the national good. All statutes are codified in the U. Code U.

Regulations are promulgated by Executive Branch agencies charged with the enforcement of statutes. Generally, before any regulation is imposed, the public has the opportunity to comment on all proposed regulations. Regulations are found in the Code of Federal Regulations. International Conventions Organization and Content Covered Substances Authority and Responsibilities Overview and Organization Convention Overview Contingency Plan Based on the Protocol Salvage Convention - International Convention on Salvage, United States Domestic Legislation Authority and Responsibilities for Pollution Prevention and Response Access to the Superfund Responsibilities for Handling Solid Wastes Responsibilities for Handling Hazardous Wastes Responsibilities for Underground Storage Tanks Clean Air Act Major Provisions State Implementation Plans Clean Vessel Act of Overview of the EIS Process Categorical Exclusions Impact on Planning and Response Authority and Responsibilities Under Annex I International AgreementsProcedure Manual.

Purpose of the Plan.

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It shall advise the Master how to react in case of an o il spill to prevent or at least mitigate negative effects on the environment. The Plan contains operational aspects for various oil spill scenarios and lists communication information to be used in case of such incidents.

Legal Background. In any case the SOPEP has to be approved by the flagstate administration of the fl ag the ship is presently flying or by a classification so ciety on behalf of this flag. The Plan consists generally of 4 Sections with the mandatory contents and it s Appendices with additional information as contact addresses and data plus a set of certain drawings for easy reference for the Master. It has to be seen as an example how the contents basically could be written in order to fulfil l the requirements.

All pretexted steps and preventive measures have to be seen as an example only. Remarks to plan writers can be found on various pages for guidi ng users where the sample text has to be tailored as a minimum.

These rema rks have to be eliminated prior printing. It has to be tailored carefully to the particular ship and company procedures and policies. Specific instructions should be incorporated according to ship type, purpose, and company requirements. Especially for tankers, actions in regard to the ca rgo tanks and cargo handling have to be included in the instructions.

The contents of the plan have to be fully in line with th e instructions given by the company within the ISM Safety Management Manual. Table of Contents. Required Ship's drawings. Further appendices on owners' decision. List of Coastal Contacts.

List of Port Contacts. List of Ship Interest Contacts. To be updated quarterly To be updated regularly To be updated regularly. Special parts to observe. However it is advisable to list all communication data in the Appendix "Ship Interest Contacts ", as changes in telephone numbers, etc. The statement about the person being responsible for r eporting page 11 of the sample has to be filled in respectively.

Regarding the point 3. Additional required entries. Following drawings should be added to the SOPEP for ea sy reference for the ship's command in case of an oil spill:. Further plans may be added if found appropriate. Additional voluntary Entries. Additional Appendices can be entered as found necessary by the owners, i.

All appendices do not belong to the ma ndatory part of the plan's content s but have to be kept updated by the owners as found necessary.

Approval responsibilities. If they have authorized the classification societies to issue this certificate, th is authorization generally in cludes the approval of the SOPEP.

Certain Flag administrations offer direct approval services too.

imo sopep contact list 2019

In some cases GL might be authorized on a case-by-case authorization.London, 2 0 1 4. First published. London SE1 7SR. Revised edition ISBN: Sales number: TBE.

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This course on Officer in Charge of an Engineering. Watch was developed. Institute for Sea Training Yokohama, and Technology. Japan and Tokyo University Tokyo, Japan. IMO wishes to express assistance. All rights reserved. No part of this publication. Purpose of the model courses. Use of the model course.

Lesson plans. Course objective. Entry standards. Course intake limitations. Ships without steam boilers.

imo sopep contact list 2019

Regulations and Legislation. Part A: Course. Framework for all functions. Function 4. Course certificate. Staff requirements. IMO references R. Function 1: Marine.Scope of this Plan is to provide guidance on the actions to be taken if an oil spill has occurred or is likely to occur.

Regulatory Reference: India National Regulation Ship Implementation Plan for Sulfur Compliance A Plan to provide guidance for the actions to be taken in order to comply with the requirement sulfur content limit of 0. A plan to provide guidance to the Master and officers on board the ship with respect to the steps to be taken when an oil pollution incident has occurred or is likely to occur.

All latest legislation and contact information will be included Easy reporting procedure for initial and follow up report with examples Quick and simple response with actions guide and responsible personnel Media handling guidance We will Ensure Full compliance with national and international regulations and common marine practice Real life documentation addressed to senior officers and crew onboard Full integration of any client specific requirements Full support provided after development in line with our Document Support Policy Request Info.

Yes No. Please select Mr. Related Solutions Ship Execution Plan. Ship Implementation Plan for Sulfur Compliance. Hardening Plan.Excessive residual deviation on the magnetic compass 30 deg. ISM No provisions on board. No dryers provided in officer's and rating's laundries. The seafarers are not given a monthly account. Overtime in excess of h is not compensated. The subsistence allowance is deducted from the wage which is not in accordance with article 8.

Article 8. Protective clothing winter clothing is missing, insufficient or in sub standard condition. Indication of WT openings on the bridge is not in accordance with the plan: 8 hatches or WT doors have no indication on the bridge.

The location of the WT doors is not specified on the damage control plan. On two life rafts the ID tube is empty or missing. The davit launched life raft containers are not watertight in way of the hook access. Safety Management audit by the administration is required. Several medicines in the medicine chest do only have instructions in a language not understood by the crew.

The oxygen bottle in the hospital has no reference to medical oxygen. The BWMP is approved with comments and refers to a letter. The applicable letter or comments are not clear mentioned and could not be verified.

Emergency generator fail to connect automatically to emergency switchboard. Port forward damper has clearance of 30mm. Port aft 40mm, Stbd.

imo sopep contact list 2019

Forward 35mm, Stbd. Aft 25mm. Crew members rigging gangway without helmets, lifejackets or fall prevention device. OWS defective. Crew unable to demonstrate operation of 3- way discharge valve. Rescue boat launching davit hydraulic accumulator defective. Sewage treatment plant operation not as required. No evidence of sludge return. Few almas of engine room alarm monitoring system have been put in manual repose mode. Unable to demonstrate key operation.

The ship is overloaded. Multiple pin holes leaks are evidentas well as several locations. The SMS of this ship is not properly implemented. PSCO found out leaking fire main line, leaking and soft patches on pipe lines in engine room. Sewage treatment plant has soft patch on back side. Pipe line heading to sewage treatment plant IWO 3-way valve was leaking.